Positives of Last Few Weeks

So, I bought gifts for my friend and her sister’s birthday. One was a beckoning cat and other was a wind chime. The purpose of the gifts were to bring good luck to the receivers. We ate some katti rolls and ice-cream. My choice was the best one which means I had to share. But it was nice catching up with my friend. It’s really a feel good exercise.

Then, another Saturday it was my sister’s birthday. Sis you are growing old but don’t look like it at all. Always keep smiling. So, my gift for her were some clothes. And we got such a good deal. We bought four pieces and she loved them all! It was nice buying clothes for her. In her last birthday I couldn’t give her anything, so this time I’m happy that I could gift her useful stuffs.

I bought two pieces of cakes and shared them with mom! They were delicious. I also bought pani-puri and shared them with my sister; this was not so delicious. The point is I entered a shop by myself and bought something. Yea for me!


July is the month of many birthdays! Julio es el mes de muchos cumpleaños!



Life seems empty, no joy. An ice-cream does not excite me nor a piece of chocolate cake. What have I become…Thankfully, there’s still music 🙂 I was excited when I was dancing but the empty feeling came back again when I stopped. I wonder if it is the job. It is so monotonous but there are times when there are unique tasks to handle but majority is the same old tasks. Isn’t everyone’s job like that? But I’m sure of one thing, I’m being this dramatic and slightly depressed because of *ding ding ding you got it right!* PMS. F ing hate it; turning me into an emotional wreck, oversensitive crybaby and wanting pity.

Woof! writing sure is a good way to get things off your chest 🙂


So, do you guys get PMS? Ustedes obtienen PMS? How do you handle it – the irritability, lack of interest, wanting to cry, being angry?


Finally, I watched Queen starring Kangana Ranaut. It’s a good movie, about rediscovering oneself. Like they say life begins outside your comfort zone, the main character goes on a trip and tries out new things.

From Love to Hate

There is this time that you love a person so much that their flaws become their quirks. You wish for all the happiness and success for them. You are ready to fight the world for them….and then their one action shows their flaws for what they are, you question your judgment, you see them as an entirely new person, even seeing their pic makes you go “oh, why did I have to see their ugly face today”, and you start thinking no need for bitterness. They are free to do what they want to do, they are not you, they have their own thoughts. Once, you used to wish happiness for them, but now you don’t wish for anything for them. You don’t care…except for just a tiny swear at them.

K-Drama I’m Watching

My first blog post. Hey there! You can call me Sammy – as in Sam from Supernatural. I’m a fan of kdramas…and fanfics. Though I have not read any fanfics since I left college but kdramas have strongly latched onto me.

Currently, I’m watching My Secret Romance! It’s a cliche story but I like cliches. Poor girl meets a rich guy and they have a one night stand. Three years later they meet again. So, the best part about the drama is the chemistry between the actors. I think the main reason I’m watching this drama is for the male lead. Sang Hoon is very charming and sexy 🙂

So, that’s it! My first blog is written.

Are blogs supposed to be diaries? May be I should do some research.